Christine Coco Quarles was born in Texarkana, Arkansas. The experience she has gained in the past has helped her in becoming who she is and be able to reach out to the world with positivity through love.

The 34 years old fantastic personality is single. She has gone through several challenges such as toxic and unfulfilling relationships and an engagement breakup that have helped her understand how best to address such related issues and even feel the pains of people going through the same.
She graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mass Communication. As part of her educational qualifications, she has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing.

Christine believes in God, good food & love. She derives pleasure in writing, and this is one thing she is very good at, especially the creative aspect of it. Listening to music, she gets consolations from lyrics of every good music even when the heartaches. Spoken words of poetry when it is performed with passion and captivating words attracts her attention.

The test of patience, heartbreak, and emotional damages reveals how much a man can say he loves God, think about Him, or even believe in His existence. After going through several challenges in life, she still believes. The author is ready to do all she could to make the world a place where love exists and dominates.
She lived in little rock for a couple of years and moved to Maryland before taking a journey back home to adopt and raise her teenaged nephews.
Her experiences in life gave birth to her passion and great desire to reach out to broken hearted and spirited women around the world who has at one point or the other experienced heartbreaking, physical, and emotional damages.

Christine has risen high beyond critics, emotional, and physical damages to be able to touch the heart of others with her writing, words, and actions. Christine is active in ministry with her mom at a local jail where they show love, encouragement and acceptance.
The world can only be better if we as individuals change from being good to better…Ladies, let’s be better!