Pretty, Crossed & Tempted


We can’t love others if we don’t love ourselves.

In today’s society, where unlimited freedom and instant gratification are the norm, women have become the victims of these unfortunate trends. Low standards and a lack of self-control have turned bedrooms into emotionless playgrounds where casual sex flows freely. As a result, relationships between women and men have turned sour. They can’t devote themselves to each other when they can’t even connect emotionally in the first place.

But there is a way forward. In Pretty, Crossed & Tempted, author C. Quarles details how women can avoid this dangerous trap. With her educational background in Mass Communication and creative writing, she’s used her skills to mentor young women in need, whether they’re in jail or part of the outside world. Because regardless of their station in life, all young women need to understand their inherent value. It’s the very foundation to establishing healthy relationships.

In this highly informative book, Quarles will guide you to a better life. No longer will you have to separate your body from your mind. Pretty, Crossed & Tempted will protect you from the emotional damage of toxic relationships and improve your mental health. Because once you have self-respect and learn to love yourself… then the love you find will be worth the wait.


3 reviews for Pretty, Crossed & Tempted

  1. Charmeon P.

    Pretty, Crossed & Tempted is a real eye opener for women, young & older. It makes you rethink life altogether. It gives u a voice, opinion, & decision. It gives you confidence & dignity. Overall, a great read. I would highly recommend this book to all of my friends, family, & young teens.

  2. Shanese

    Enlightening encouraging life changing! I just finished chapter 5. You’re calling us (women) to change perspectives. We’ve blamed men for far too long, we have to hold ourselves accountable as well.

    I was just telling my sister the other day just like good men are hard to come by so are women. It’s those of us who are beginning to take accountability for ourselves that are being sought after. People want the truth in you not just on some social media sight!

  3. LoveWins

    Pretty, Crossed and Tempted… what can I say! Excellent read. The author is candid, natural, factual including life experience, forgotten news stories and statistical data from reputable entities. It’s a great read and guide for life for yourself and/or for discussion for adults (both men and women), teens, preteens, study/discussions groups and more.

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