Aja Creath has it all together until her life begins to crumble around her.

She has to live nightmares that keep us all awake at night. While attempting to piece things back together Aja finds unexpected comfort in a chance at companionship. That’s what she needs, right? While trying to figure out where she stands in one area, tragedy strikes yet again. Aja’s disappointments turn to something darker, not even her faith in God can help.

A world wind of anger, frustration and emptiness, intertwined with tons of humor, sound advice & revelations, this universal story conveys that with a clear mind anything is possible.

“Coco delivers again with refreshing candor, positive energy and audacity. While reading, I experienced waves of ministry and education all in this soulful literary offering. Write on, Coco!” – Jerrie Johnson, avid reader. Dallas, Texas